Paintings I currently producing

Amber blocking Oil on canvas 16 in x 20 in "Confident Parrot" #Art #OilPaintings #parrot #Blocking August,14,2018.

Picture of oil painting


Work in progress , Oil painting on canvas 16 in x 18 in "Portarit of a woman " #Art #Oilpaintings #Portarture, August, 14,2018.

picture of a painting called Parrot hiding in palms

personal work Oil Painting titled" Parrot by the Window"  #Art #OilPaintings #Parrot June, 29,2018.


Picure of Oil Painting titledn Parrot by the Window

Personal work , Oil painting on canvas 12 in x 9 in "Parrot by the Window " #Art #oilpaintings #Parrots, June,29,2018.

Picture of Oil painting titled Violet Orchid

Personal Work , Oil painting on Canvas 12 in x 9 in titled " Violet Orchid " #Art #oilpaintings #Flowers June , 26 , 2018.


Picutre of Oil Painting Titled Twin Orchids

Personal Work , Oil painting on Canvas 9 in x 12 in titled " Twin Orchids " #Art #oilpaintings #Flowers June ,26,2018.l


Picture of painting title Ghost Orchid in Red ROOM

personal work, Oil painting on canvas 9 in x 12 in titled "Ghost Orchid in Red Room " #Art #oilPaintings #Flowers June26,2018.

Picture of Oil Painting titled Marbles Crowed around Ghost Orchid

Personal work,  Oil Painting  on Canvas 9 in x 12 in , Titled " Red Sinfony Of Marbles crop Ghost Orchids " #Art #OilPaintings #Marbles #Flowers


Personal work, Oil Painting on Canvas, 12 in x 9 in Oil , Titled " Marbles and Glass " #Art #OilPaintings #Marbles #WineGlass

Personal work Oil Painting titled" Marble and Glass", 12 in 9in , #Art #OilPaintings #wineglass #Marbles , June ,21,2018.


Picture Of Oil Painting Titled Red Sinfony of Marbles Cropin Ghost Orchidst

Personal work , Oil Painting Titled Red Sin-phony of Marbles Cr-oping Ghost Orchid, oil on Canvas ,9 in x 12 in, #Art #OilPaintings #Flowers #Marbles, June,21,2018 .



Color Exploration of a ghost painting in Oils

Personal work "Color Exploration of a ghost" painting in Oils 9 in x 12in #Art #OilPaintings #flowers, June , 12 , 2018


 Picture of Painting Title Tu-loops and Seashell in Sea Shell

Personal Work ,Titled "TULOOPS AND SEA SHELL IN FIELD " Work in progress, Color Layer block in 30 in x 24 in , June, 13,2018


Photograph of painting titled Holographic Past

Personal work Oil painting Titled " Holographic Past " Finished 30x48   June,06,2018.



Photograph of an Oil Painting Titled Sea Shore View of a Sea Shell

Personal work in progress. first color layer oil on canvas 30 in x 24in , Titled " Sea Shore View of a Sea SHELL " June ,05,2018,  #Art #OilPaintings #LandscapePaintings  


Painting Titled "Holographic Past" Second color layer almost done, Oil on canvas . #Art #OilPaintings #FiguretiveArt June,04,2018.


Painting called Thinking Venues

 "Thinking Venues"Oil on canvas 24 in x 30 in Oil on canvas , May, 28 ,2018


Oil Painting titeled Man with full Beard

"Man with Full Beard " Oil on Canvas 30 in x 24 in second color layer May,28,2018.